Andersons Proud to Help Build Culture of Life

The Anderson Children (from left to right): Gloria (4), Mary (12), Joseph (10), and Martha (13).

The Anderson Children (from left to right): Gloria (4), Mary (12), Joseph (10), and Martha (13).

From the Fall 2014 Culture of Life newsletter

Having suffered through four miscarriages, Allison Anderson and her husband, Dirk, of Portland, Oregon, found themselves hopeless. That is, until they found the Pope Paul VI Institute. An initial conversation with a nurse at the Institute confirmed for them that they had chosen the right place.

“She told me that they treated every life equally … whether that child is four months old or still within the womb,” recounts Allison.

Upon arriving at the Pope Paul VI Institute after a long trip from the west coast, their first impression of the Institute was a good one. “We saw the building,” Allison said, “and right there, at the top, was the Chapel … God was at the top.”

The healing and services she and her husband would soon receive at the Institute would have a profound effect on the Andersons. Not only did they lead to healing and the birth of a beautiful baby girl, Gloria Anne (who was born on Easter Day), but they would also inspire the Andersons to give back to the Institute, which had given them so much.

“We were shocked at the medical services we received through our ordeal. Dr. Hilgers was different. He did not rely on the temporary ‘fixes’ we had found with other doctors, fixes that were ultimately unsuccessful,” said Allison. “He instead looked at the underlying causes, and this led to true healing.”

As a long-time member of the monthly giving club, the Andersons provide a monthly contribution to the Institute. Through their tax-deductible donation, the Andersons are helping the Institute build a culture of life in reproductive health care, ensuring more women and families receive the healing and comfort she found at the Pope Paul VI Institute.

“If not for the generosity of other people whose donations helped build the Institute, Gloria Anne might not be here today. In fact there are a lot of lives in the world today solely because of Dr. Hilgers’ research,” she said. “It is another good Samaritan story, and we are proud to be supporting what we strongly feel is the Lord’s work.”

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