The St. John Paul the Great Fellows for 2017

The St. John Paul the Great in Medical & Surgical NaProTechnology is integral to bringing the culture of life to women’s health care. Fellows are trained in the specialized field of reproductive endocrinology and in the breakthrough surgical system that utilizes robotic technology and highly effective adhesion prevention measures. The St. John Paul the Great Fellows become equipped with the skills to improve the health of women and restore fertility naturally — all while practicing medicine that fully adheres to the Church’s teaching on human reproduction. The St. John Paul the Great Fellows are the future of NaProTechnology, and we are happy to introduce the 2016–2017 Fellows, Neil Sink, MD and Teresa Hilgers, MD.

Dr. Neil Sink

Dr. Neil Sink

Dr. Sink initially began a career in general surgery, but the calling to become an OB-GYN took root after attending a baby’s birth by cesarean section. After one and a half years in general surgery, Dr. Sink decided to visit the Institute after a discussion with his mom about his desire to switch to obstetrics and gynecology. “Although I was only there for a day,” he sais, “it was so inspiring to see good medical care being offered while also being true to one’s beliefs about life and faith. I decided to switch jobs essentially in the Pope Paul VI Institute parking lot.”

Coming to the Institute after completing his OB-GYN residency at the Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, Dr. Sink has learned how to perform complex pelvic surgeries through the Fellowship. “There is something enormously satisfying about putting in the effort to remove disease while maintaining and healing the pelvic organs as best as possible.” Dr. Sink is grateful for the opportunity, challenge, and gift to care for people.

Dr. Sink and his wife, Anne Marie, have two daughters — Moira (3) and Alice (4 months). After completing his Fellowship, Dr. Sink plans to provide quality medical care to patients of all walks of life from a practice that is infused with the Spirit and adheres to its faith.

Dr. Teresa Hilgers

Dr. Teresa Hilgers

Dr. Teresa Hilgers is the daughter of Dr. Thomas and Sue Hilgers, co-developers of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. Dr. Hilgers began to pursue her studies in history and never planned on being a physician. “It was annoying to hear everyone ask, ‘Are you going to be a doctor like your father?’” she recalls. However, she then decided to answer her calling to become a doctor, and after looking at other specialties, she fell in love with obstetrics and gynecology.

Coming to the Fellowship after completing her residency at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, Dr. Hilgers has enjoyed working with her dad and looking at Creighton Model charts.

“I am often amazed that you can open up the chart and have a good idea of what is happening to the woman before even meeting her,” she said. Dr. Hilgers also enjoys teaching clients how to chart with the Creighton Model. After her completion of the Fellowship, Dr. Hilgers plans to stay at the Institute and play a role in the education of our patients, practitioners, and other doctors about the Creighton Model System and NaProTechnology.

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